About Us

'Welcome to Urban Craft Ventures'

Whenever it was the birthday of anyone in my family, I'd bake a cake for them. This was especially true for my niece and nephew. Their mother would sometimes tell me not to make one because she'd ordered one from a bakery herself, but I'd send one across anyways. And all the painstaking work I put into it was worth the expressions of delight in the kids' eyes when they received the extra cake. They'd often ask me to make them cookies and brownies, and I've loved to make them treats that bring smiles to their faces. I wanted to bring the same joy to more people, so I started sending cakes to their friends too. Eventually, this hobby turned into a business. 

I wanted to deliver the joy of eating homemade (but bakery quality!) desserts to more people. So, I learned how to code and created this website, through which you can order home a variety of goodies, from chocolaty homemade brownies to fruity pies to moist, creamy cakes. 

We at Urban Craft Gourmet believe that the perfect confection tells a story of a delicious blend of flavours and aesthetics. This can only be brought about using the high-quality ingredients that we make every dessert with. 

Moreover, our desserts always look beautiful too, and can be used as a table centerpiece for any festival. Their appearance also makes them perfect as a gift for a friend with a sweet tooth! To turn your friend's pleasure on receiving the dessert into bounce-off-the-walls joy, we personalize the gift and also add gifting accessories to the hamper. This way, we make sure that your gift is an expression of your feelings for your friend.

Browse on www.urbancraft.co.in  build your own gift hamper to fit your taste or the taste of the person you are gifting it to. You can choose from the wide range of bakery items, and home décor & gifting accessories to create the perfect combination.   

We hope you enjoy your experience shopping online with us! We would love to keep improving, and your feedback on our products and website is invaluable to us. Feel free to email us with comments at support@urbancraft.co.in.

As per your preference, you may call us to place orders directly in Mumbai at +91-9821710666 or visit our website www.urbancraft.co.in

Lastly, I would like to thank you for being here. I hope we can help make your days and your loved ones' brighter and tastier!

We look forward to serving you!

Cheers, everyone! ♡